1493525321059-515Welcome to YAYOI SHIBORI – Hand-dyed in Hawaii.

YAYOI SHIBORI designs are hand-dyed in indigo and delightful.  Yayoi hand-dyes all tees, tanks, dresses, silk scarves, drawstring bags, totes, pillow covers and Shibori Wraps using a dyeing technique known throughout the world as Shibori.  “Shibori” is the Japanese word meaning to wring, squeeze or press.  Shibori is a form of tie-dyeing.

Yayoi hand folds, binds, stitches and ties each Shibori piece to create a Shibori design or pattern.  Then each piece is individually hand-dyed in a vat of indigo dye.  Once removed from the vat, each Shibori piece begins oxidizing and magically transforms into various shades of indigo blue.  Each Shibori piece is dipped in the indigo vat multiple times depending on the depth of color desired.  After the oxidation process is complete, the folds, binds, stitching and ties are undone, and each Shibori piece reveals a unique design.  The Shibori piece is then thoroughly rinsed in water and washed to avoid color bleeding.  The Shibori hand-dyeing process is labor intensive and never fails to amaze!

Please visit our Etsy.com shop YAYOISHIBORI.

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